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Like a Stream is the King's Heart in the Hand of the Lord

Like a stream is the king’s heart in the hand of the Lord; wherever it pleases him, he directs it. (Proverbs 21:1)

The Grand Canyon is two hundred, seventy-seven river miles long, up to eighteen miles wide, and over a mile deep. Water flowing there, over millions of years, has left its mark in layer after layer of rock. How awesome, then, that the psalmist likens our hearts to a stream in God’s hands and that God turns this stream wherever he wants it to go!

Think about what a stream looks like. It is fluid and flexible, defined yet open to new shapes. Nothing about it is rigid or hard. It changes form, depth, and force around each curve. The water’s colors and hues vary as the light shifts during the day. Playing and dancing, flowing calmly at one moment then rushing forcefully, crashing against its banks, always moving forward.

Flow with the Lord today! Loosen up, and let yourself become more fluid. God knows you and has created you to keep moving forward, even as he has promised to guide you on your way. To be fluid is to give him permission to direct you wherever he pleases.

So set out today expecting the Lord to direct you. When you’re not sure what to do, ask him. Let him set the boundaries for you as in a river bank. But remember that those boundaries can, and may well, shift over time.

Water and land—the movements of your life and the boundaries set by the Lord—will work together to form something new and unique in this world. Over months and years, your stream is sure to deepen and broaden, just as any river does. The obstacles to its progress—pride, arrogance, and the rest—will all erode as you keep flowing toward the ocean of God’s presence. It takes time. It takes a commitment to stay within the boundaries God has set for you. It requires you to prefer God’s ways to your own, which can be difficult at times. But it’s well worth it, for you are on a joyous adventure!

“Thank you, Father, that my heart is in your hands! I want to keep flowing with you. I trust that you will direct me and keep me safe.”

Blessings for the Journey!

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